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Matt Conger's MR2 Turbo Website

Welcome To My MR2 Turbo Website

This web site features my 1991 Toyota MR2 Turbo containing general information, modifications and pictures during my 28 years of adventurous MR2 ownership!

What's New?!?!


Another fun year of ownership in '23, attended a lot of car events (casual cars & coffee to big national shows), some repairs were needed & had a dedicated photo shoot of the MR2:

March of '23, when starting the car, the clutch pedal went to the floor, got out & found a pool of fluid underneath, clutch slave cylinder was covered in fluid. I replaced it w/OEM unit & bleed myself using hand pump - all fixed.

August of '23, Ben Levy is a passionate weekend photographer who attends a tons of car shows/meets in the Midwest. He's taken lots of great pics of my MR2 over the years & I'd teasingly suggest "one day, we need to do a proper photoshoot" & in the fall it happened. It was really cool watching his process, setting up equipment in two locations, staging my car in creative ways & hanging out w/a fellow car nut who I now call my friend. The final pics w/all his edits blew me away - 1000% satisfied.

November of '23, I was cleaning the car & noticed through the rear drivers wheel that the sway bar end link was lying on the rear subframe. It was still connected to the sway bar, the tab on the strut housing broke completely off, thankfully it didn't bounce around & puncture the tire. I couldn't find a shop willing to weld the tab back on so I had to replace the entire strut housing.

I've added 50+ pics from Ben's photoshoot to slideshow "2022-2023".


A rare year of ownership with no repairs needed or upgrades performed, just a full year of enjoying the car & attending a few events:

August of '22, the Stay ill Parking Garage car show in Elgin. A cool event within a 4-story parking garage, great variety of 300 cars, DJ's & vendors. I was honored with receiving two awards of "Best JDM" & "Best Toyota".

September of '22, the Iron Gate Cartoberfest show in Naperville, an amazing mix of cars from rat-rods to exotics - always a good time.

October of '22, the Import Face-Off at Rockford Speedway in (you guessed it) Rockford. It's a national touring event that offers a car show, drifting, stereo, low car limbo & 2-step contests.

November of '22, the Stanced Down Low end of season meetup in Geneva, a very casual event.

New pics posted in slide show "2022-2023".


Another annual update on my MR2, a good year of trouble-free enjoyment, details below of some adventures:

May of '20, I painted all my brake calipers with POR15 semi-black for the 3rd time. This paint is amazing, with its self-leveling properties is super easy to apply, lasts long & gives it the look of being powder coated. I also replaced my Fr/Rr TwosRUs sway bar end links with another set, my 3rd full set. With my firm suspension setup they last about 5-7 years before they start rattling over little bumps.

July of '20, purchased MR2 Heavens seat belt restore in Porsche GTS style (solid black w/outer red stripes). You send in your old belts & a few weeks later restored versions arrive. I didn't realize how faded the OEM belts actually were, this is a nice subtle change to the interior.

February of '21, decided to replace my 20yr old TRD short-shifter; I wasn't having any issues, just wanted to try a new version. I installed Superklasse: C's/TRD hybrid short stroke shifter, drop plate, base bushings & shifter cup bushing. Shifts are a smidge shorter but definitely firmer, must admit the OEM shifter cup bushing was very sloppy.

May of '21, I needed new tires & Yokohama no longer make their S-Drive in my 215 & 245/40/17 sizes so I decided to try Kumho's Ecsta PS31s. Cost wise they are much cheaper, almost 1/2 price of the Yokohama's & so far seem to be very good handling & quiet tires - time will tell.

July of '21, I completed a full 18hr detail consisting of clay bar, machine polish, paint correction, paint prep & ceramic coating. Also cleaned the wheels, exhaust & interior but not a full leather treatment. It was my first time using ceramic coating; I purchased BlackFire Pro from Autogeek, fairly easy to use & loved the results.

New pics posted in slide show "2013-2021".

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