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Matt Conger's MR2 Turbo Website

Welcome To My MR2 Turbo Website

This web site features my 1991 Toyota MR2 Turbo containing general information, modifications and pictures during my 27 years of adventurous MR2 ownership!

What's New?!?!


Another annual update on my MR2, a good year of trouble-free enjoyment, details below of some adventures:

May of '20, I painted all my brake calipers with POR15 semi-black for the 3rd time. This paint is amazing, with its self-leveling properties is super easy to apply, lasts long & gives it the look of being powder coated. I also replaced my Fr/Rr TwosRUs sway bar end links with another set, my 3rd full set. With my firm suspension setup they last about 5-7 years before they start rattling over little bumps.

July of '20, purchased MR2 Heavens seat belt restore in Porsche GTS style (solid black w/outer red stripes). You send in your old belts & a few weeks later restored versions arrive. I didn't realize how faded the OEM belts actually were, this is a nice subtle change to the interior.

February of '21, decided to replace my 20yr old TRD short-shifter; I wasn't having any issues, just wanted to try a new version. I installed Superklasse: C's/TRD hybrid short stroke shifter, drop plate, base bushings & shifter cup bushing. Shifts are a smidge shorter but definitely firmer, must admit the OEM shifter cup bushing was very sloppy.

May of '21, I needed new tires & Yokohama no longer make the S-Drive in my 215&245/40/17 sizes so decided to try Kumho's Ecsta PS31s. Cost wise they are much cheaper, almost 1/2 price of the Yokohama's & so far seem to be very good handling & quiet tires - time will tell.

July of '21, I completed a full 18hr detail consisting of clay bar, machine polish, paint correction, paint prep & ceramic coating. Also cleaned the wheels, exhaust & interior but not a full leather treatment. It was my first time using ceramic coating; I purchased BlackFire Pro from Autogeek, fairly easy to use & loved the results.

New pics posted in slide show "2013-2021".


It's time for my annual update on my MR2, had an interesting year w/some part failures that happen with a 29 year old modified car, details below:

August of '19, I started hearing a grinding noise from the rear driver's side that sounded like a bad bearing, it was last replaced 16yrs ago. So I took apart the hub, had a new wheel bearing pressed in, reassembled it & the noise is gone.

October of '19, now getting a grinding noise from the rear passenger's side, assume its wheel bearing too, will fix it over the winter.

December of '19, took apart the passenger rear hub, the bearing literally fell apart & the outer axle hub has chunks missing from it. So not sure what happened but either the bearing or outer axle failed damaging the other & now they both need to be replaced.

January of '20, while the passenger rear axle was apart, it made sense to take apart driver's side too so I could install new OEM rear inner tie rods, TwosRus tie rod hub bearings & CRW's inner CV joint upgrade kit at the same time. Thankfully, I have a spare set of ABS LSD axles to replace the damaged outer passenger section - just need to swap the outer halves. Once I had the axles out, I couldn't get the axle halves separated so I dropped them off at Frank's Auto, my local repair shop, for Keith (the owner) to do the passenger outer axle swap, install the CRW inner CV joint upgrade kit, press in the TwosRus tie rod hub bearings & a new passenger wheel bearing.

February of '20, I've had a burning oil smell occasionally while driving & small oil drops coming from the Garage Fuki B-pipe when she sat for a few days. The flex portion of the B-pipe has always rubbed the bottom of the oil pan since new. I've had the exhaust off the car numerous times over the years but was shocked when I removed it this time to find over the last 18yrs it rubbed enough to slowly gouge into the oil pan to cause a leak! I considered replacing the entire oil pan but thought I'd try an easier fix of using JB Tank Weld. I drained the oil, cleaned up the area w/a wire wheel, applied a layer of epoxy, fiberglass patch & a top layer of epoxy. Before installing the B-pipe again, I wrapped the flex portion w/DEI heat shield for added protection. I installed the rebuilt axles, added 3.5 quarts of Pennzoil Synchromesh into the transmission & fresh Castrol engine oil too. Road tested for 1hr, no leaks, so now getting an alignment since I replaced the rear tie rods.

March of '20, in honor of my 25th anniversary of ownership, I installed new Toyota aluminum clutch, brake & gas pedals ordered from Conicelli Toyota. I also installed CRW's clutch roller bearing that replaces the square bushing on the transmission shift linkage - easy to install & of course a bearing rotates much smoother than a square bushing!

April of '20, installed a replacement KO Racing engine mirror panel, replacing the original panel that had fine scratches over the last 13yrs of use that I couldn't buff out. I used the same fans, screws & wiring, just swapped the panel itself. My ancient adjustable HKS BOV was leaking so I replaced it w/a new HKS BOV4 that I picked up from KO Racing too.

New pics posted in slide show "2013-2020".

Last Updated - 12/27/21

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